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Credits (AP)

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Earn AP Credits

Earn AP Credit 

# of Credits Earned 

“Dance” during the Stretch Breaks :)

20 AP Coins

Perform on Lip Sync Thursday, either individually or with your team.

50 AP Coins

At different times of the year, there are going to be classroom items that we may need to crowdsource. When those opportunities come around and you correctly meet those needs, then you earn AP Credit.

50 AP Coins

Get your parents involved.  Anytime your parents get involved with what you are doing in school you can earn AP credit to spend at the market. If they come to open house, you get AP credit. If they come to parent teacher conferences, you get AP credit. Meaningful guest appearance in a teaching video, AP credit! 

100 AP Coins

**Sign up for a blog at Kidblogand create your own writing space (get the class code in Google Classroom). Your blog should include things you struggle with, things you work hard on, cool things you have discovered, amazing insight that has been revealed! Whatever is in your brain about math or statistics, put it into your blog. Once you are ready, share your link in the wiki and earn AP credit for each week that you write.

200 AP Coins

**Teach the Class a Problem. You can earn AP credit to spend in the market by teaching the class one problem. You may choose any problem from the assignment in the textbook. You cannot choose a problem that was previously worked out by me.  This can be done on “Review Day” before a chapter test.

200 AP Coins

**Practice Test Problems.  Earn AP credit to spend at the market on a power up by completing the Practice Test.  These problems must be turned in on test day, before the test.  (Answers should NOT look like you copied them from the back of the book.)

300 AP Coins

Be in the Top 10 XP Leaderboard at the end of a Quest

500 AP Coins

Register for the AP Statistics Exam and commit to do your BEST to make a FIVE.

500 AP Coins

Host or join a study group (provide a roster, agenda, date & location).  This includes Google Hangouts.  Hangouts are an opportunity to get together outside of the school day for about an hour and talk about the problems and things that are going on in class. If you host one (hosting means you get to pick when it happens!) or participate/interact in a Google Hangout, you get AP credit.  One-hour minimum required.

500 AP Coins

Extra Project/Presentation

Projects and Presentations are side quests that you can take during your journey through Statistics this year. As you are questing, you may come across a statistician or statistical practice that you want to know more about. There may be a really cool way to show what you know through a collaborative/creative project (Prezi for example). You are only limited by your own imagination! 

1000 AP Coins

Post a teaching/tutorial video on YouTube and share the link.  At any time, you can create a video lesson and post it to YouTube. When you do this, put the link in the appropriate place on the wiki so that all of us can benefit from your teaching. Often students will say things in a way that other students (from around the world) can understand. Nobody knows the struggle better than a person in the same boat! Help each other out!

1000 AP Coins



Purchase Supplies and Special Privileges



Credits Cost 

That’s My Spot

Allows you to swap desks for 2 days

150 AP Coins

Potion of Healing

Allows you to revise up to 10% of a test and must be used immediately on finding out the test score.  During healing, you may not use anything not available for the original test.

1000 AP Coins

Potion of Wisdom

Allows you to ask the teacher one question on a test.  The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

1000 AP Coins

Genie Lamp

When the lamp is rubbed, the teacher will grant 3 wishes (in the form of questions) about a current topic.  This is different than solving 3 problems.  This will have an effect on the whole class.  (2 lamps may be used per quest)

1000 AP Coins

Potion of Power

Allows you to meet with up to two other students, who also have this potion, during a test for five minutes.  You may not have your tests with you when using this potion and the potion can only be used once per test by any particular student.

2000 AP Coins

Staff of Completion

This will allow you to get full credit for a homework assignment.  (One section or video)

1500 AP Coins

Potion of Clairvoyance

When used, the teacher will remove two answer choices from one multiple choice question on a test.

1000 AP Coins

Sword of Omnipotence

Get the complete answer from the teacher on your test, sword has an effect once per quarter-quest (3 quests).

2000 AP for MC

3000 AP for FR

Spell of Divine Intervention

You may use this spell to work on your test with up to 2 other people. Each person in your party must use Divine Intervention. You can only use the materials that are available for the test.  This spell has effect once per quarter-quest (3 quests).

3000 AP Coins

The T.A.R.D.I.S.

Use the T.A.R.D.I.S. to travel in the space-time continuum and re-take a test from earlier in the semester. This power is discovered after successfully completing 3 quests.

3000 AP Coins




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