Point and Badge Assignments

Chapter 1 Quest Outline:

Earn the Video.1 Badge and 10 XP upon “on time” completion

Earn the Reading Guide.1 Badge and 10 XP upon “on time” completion

Earn the Flash Card.1 Badge and 10 XP upon completion

Earn the "To Infinity and Beyond" badge upon completion

Points for Chapter 1 Quest:

*Bonus: 10 XP for no tardies during quest

               10 XP for no hall passes during lecture during quest


Note:  Grades vs. Game Points

All of the assignments listed above will be graded as usual and entered in the gradebook.  It is my practice to accept late work from students.  That is, I do not penalize students for late work.  This is a policy that is preferred (but not required) by the administration at my school.  However, to earn game points and badges, work must be submitted by the due date.